KAD A-Series Road100 Billet Camshaft

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The KAD A Series Road 100 Billet Camshaft is the Ultimate Camshaft to enhance the performance of any 5 Port A-Series engine.

Improved Torque, Better Fuel Economy and Lower Emissions it's a Winning Formula!

This camshaft has been extensively developed by Piper Cams especially for us at KAD and is produced from a bespoke billet steel blank.

Unlike many other camshafts on the market the KAD A Series Road 100 Billet has the advantage of being cross drilled! The reason for cross drilling is it helps increase lobe lubrication which then, in turn, extends the life of the camshaft.

The KAD camshaft profile has been rigorously tested on both the dyno and road. It produces an Ultra Smooth Idle at low RPM. The camshaft will progressively deliver torque from 1200 RPM all the way to 6500+ RPM.

It is simply the Ultimate Mini Camshaft!