About Us


Based in Kent,  since 1990, KAD has been designing and manufacturing high quality racing and performance parts for the A Series Mini Engine with a simple philosophy; highest quality yet sensibly priced. We don't cut corners, that always ends in tears. If you buy the right product first time, you need only buy it once. So when comparing our products with a competitors, please compare the relative specifications and materials as well as the price.

At KAD, we produce the majority of our output in house, this gives us both flexibility and control in the manufacturing process. We have a well equipped machine shop with state of the art CNC milling and turning centres with CAD/CAM facilities, in house gear cutting, block boring and honing and line boring and crucially, the experienced machinists with the skills to run the machines. With this combination we effectively control quality and successfully develop new ideas.

Our capabilities range from subcontract machining of individual components through the design, test and manufacture of complex assemblies to the preparation of all classes of competition cars. Whilst our major specialisation is the Classic Mini we are also able to transfer our skills to other cars and engines and we have a growing reputation for our work on the Aston Martin DB straight six engines.






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