KAD Magnecor Plug Lead Sets

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Magnecor's Commitment to quality ensures that your ignition lead set is manufactured from the highest quality components available.
Hand-assembled by highly trained production staff, Magnecor leads are
covered by a 10-year guarantee which ensures long lasting reliability and
service life.

Magnecor's exclusive metallic inductance suppressed conductor will outlast the life of an engine. Magnecor lead sets are not manufactured just to be a service item. To further improve reliability some Magnecor leads use different connectors to overcome problems associated with the original set you are replacing. This is particularly important if your vehicle is used for competition.

Manufactured in a bespoke lengths for KAD and are available in the following options

KAD 16v Conventional coil and distributor type

KAD 16v ECU M4/Vauxhall Coil pack (Flywheel housing mounted)

5 Port Conventional coil and distributor type

5 port  ECU M4/Vauxhall Coil pack (Flywheel housing mounted)

5 port  ECU M4/Vauxhall Coil pack (Bulkhead Mounted)