KAD Classic Mini Alloy Front Hub Assemblies (Pair)

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KAD Classic Mini Alloy Front Hubs are sand cast in high strength aluminium and CNC machined.

The aluminium Hub is 25% lighter than the STD item.

Key features,

Our hubs are fitted with the later type dust sealed Metro ball joint. This means no shims, no fuss and no more knocking ball joints. 

Brake caliper lugs are machined on both sided of the hub making them non-handed. 

Steering arm studs are included with an integral dowel.

The hubs are supplied complete with the wheel bearing sets fitted and checked for preload tolerances.

Supplied in pairs.

Hubs are finished in self-colour anodising to provide corrosion resistance.

Please Note:  We recommend that adjustable tie bars and lower arms are fitted with our Alloy Front Hubs as their geometry is marginally different to that of the standard Mini hubs and for optimum performance the geometry should be adjusted.   

Not suitable for 7.5" Cooper 'S' type discs and drive flanges.