KAD 16v Direct-to-Head Fuel Injection Kit

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The ultimate no-compromise induction system for the KAD 16v engine.

The advantages over the Jenvey set-up are a much straighter port shape and the throttle bodies have been angled upwards to also gain better intake. Other features include an integral inlet manifold design and oval spindleless butterfly.

A big bonnet is a must have with these throttle bodies.

The cylinder head will require a lot of modification to gain optimum flow and un-mask the back of the valve.

Kit includes -

• Billet direct-to-head throttle bodies
• 4x Injectors
• Fuel rail
• Throttle cable linkage
• Omex 600 ECU
• Omex basic race loom
• Coolant temp sensor
• Air temp sensor
• Crank speed sensor and bracket
• Coil and bracket
• Plug leads
• Fuel pressure regulator