KAD 12G940 Stage 3 Road Cylinder Head

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KAD In-house produced complete 12G940 stage 3 cylinder head. A must for any road performance A-Series.

CNC machined for unleaded exhaust valve seats and combination chamber profile. Hand ported and polished to suit application and engine specification (we will contact you to confirm).

Parts list includes - 

  • Unleaded valve seats
  • Bronze valve guides
  • 35.7x29.5mm 9/32 stem EN214N Stainless and heat treated valves
  • Hardened spring platform washers
  • KAD 200lb double valve springs

All cylinder heads are acid dipped, all surfaces are re-machined, thread checked and repaired if nessasy, 11 stud drilled, springs platforms leveled and 3 angle valve seats. A lot of time goes into our cylinders to ensure the best product possible.

Chamber volumes upto 28cc.

When teamed up with KAD100 Camshaft, 1380cc and single HIF44 you can see over 100hp and 100ft/lb of torque!

We are also happy to produce any custom cylinder heads. Please contact us if you have any other requirements.