KAD 4 Speed Mini Dog Engagement Gear Kit

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KAD Ultimate 4 Speed Mini Dog Engagement Gearbox for the A-Series Classic Mini.
Years of experience and development have been put into the design and technology of our new gear kit. We produce the most powerful engines that require the strongest of gearboxes, well here it is.

Features include -

• 3/4" wide ultra durable gears
• Manufactured in-house from a vacuum arc remelted steel (VAR), this is a very high specification material which has higher strength and greater purity than commercially produced steels giving stronger gears and longer life.

  • Modular lay gear
  • Unique selector shaft rail design
  • Bespoke dog pattern layout
  • Billet selector forks

We have designed and developed our new gear kit over the last 7 years with outstanding results on tooth wear.

Combine super smooth confident gear changes with quality and longevity that you can depend on. Makes this the number one choice for your classic Mini.

Ratios are - 

  • 1st - 2.167
  • 2nd -1.486
  • 3rd - 1.187
  • 4th - 1:1

Kit Includes -

• Complete gear set
• Reverse Gear
• Selector shaft rail and shims
• Selector Forks
• Needle roller bearings for input shaft and lay gear

Carefully made in England 

Please Note: ROD change refers to later A+ type gearbox, Remote change is the earlier tail shaft type case.