KAD Adjustable Front Lower Arm and Tie Rod Kit (Race)

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This Kit includes our KAD Rose Jointed Lower Arms and our KAD In-Situ Rose Jointed Adjustable Mini Tie Rods.

The KAD Rose Jointed Lower Arms are fully adjustable, camber adjustment can be made quickly and precisely whilst still fitted to the car.

The KAD In-Situ Rose Jointed Adjustable Tie Rods included in this kit have been designed for hard competition use. Billet steel brackets are used at both ends. The reason we use billet is that cheaper to produce fabricated steel brackets, such as those manufactured by other suppliers have been known to fail! This can cause disastrous consequences in competition usage.

The tie rod itself is made from manganese molybdenum steel which is incredibly stiff without having the excess weight penalty of some of the more agricultural tie rods sold elsewhere. The bar is left and right hand threaded which means castor adjustment can be made quickly and precisely without removal from the car.

Two Options now available: 3 degrees and 6 degrees caster. These values are generally given as a maximum you can adjust to.

NOTE: We can supply longer or shorter bars if required.