KAD Billet Alloy Damper Top Mounts (Pair)

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Designed and developed on our race car to allow adjustment and fine-tuning of front damper fitment. On lowered race cars the top damper pin needs to be raised to allow enough suspension travel, our top mounts also have 3 point adjustment so you get everything just perfect.

Also features extra bolting points above the pin.

Can only be fitted on cars where inner wings have been removed as the pin has been moved inwards to allow the damper to stand more upright, improving performance.

Still uses the original 3/8UNF top pin. Brackets can be modified if required, please contact us for more info.


In relation to the lower standard pick up point holes on the car these are the shock pin heights:

The KAD Billet Alloy Damper Top Mounts have 3 positions – 5 ¾”, 5 ¼” and 5 ¾” to the centre line of the 3/8” bolt (shock bolt) from the standard lower pick up point holes on the car and approximately ½” away from the back of the mount on the body side to the centre of the 3/8” bolt (shock bolt).