KAD Dry Deck Kit

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The A-Series Dry Deck Kit blocks the waterways off between the block and cylinder head, an outlet is then placed in the existing core plug hole of the 1300 and 998 blocks. The cylinder head then requires machining to enable fitment of the other outlet. The dry deck hose then connects the waterways back together.

The dry deck kit increases water flow to the number 4 end of the cylinder head and equalises temperatures across the cylinders. It is a common problem for the No.4 cylinder to run 15+ degrees hotter than the No.1 cylinder.

This kit also comes supplied with brass bungs used to block the waterways between the cylinder head and block. A 6.9mm and 15.75mm drill will be required.

Kit Includes:

  • 180-degree silicone hose
  • 2x alloy water outlets
  • 2x jubilee clips
  • 4x stainless Allen bolts
  • 1x alloy spacer for fitting engine steady bracket

Optional - brass bungs for blocking waterways in cylinder head and block. 6x Large Bungs and 20x Small Bungs