KAD Alloy K4 Big Disc Classic Mini Brake Kits

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The KAD K4 Big brake set is a hybrid between the conventional Alloy 4Pot Calipers and the 6Pot Race Big Disc kit- resulting in a 4 pot caliper, fully dust sealed, which takes the massive 265mm discs. As a result means that the big brake kit power is now available for use on the road. 13” wheels are a must.


The calipers are CNC machined from HE30 (6082) extruded billets. Hard anodized alloy pistons are fitted with dust seals, fluid feed from a single 3/8UNF fluid port (same as standard Mini), Stainless steel bolts, bleed screws and split pins are used throughout.

2 Brake disc option avaliable - 

Fixed Disc - reccomended for road use and low maintanance.

Floating Discs - self centralising discs float on a bespoke bell. This eliminates unwanted disc judder in a race car allowing unhindered expansion and contraction of the disc. This prolongs brake disc and pad life.

The ultimate in quality.

Set includes -

• 2x Billet Alloy 4 Pot Brake Caliper
• 2x 265x20mm Brake Discs mounted on Aluminium Bells
• Brake Pad Set from option