KAD Pinion Support Bearing Housing

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KAD pinion bearing support housing reinforces the free end of the main-shaft by supporting the pinion in double shear.

Dramatically improving pinion life and preventing the pinion gear climbing the crown wheel under hard acceleration.

This support bearing housing can be used with many 4-speed gear kits if the speedo drive end is ground to 17mm O.D (outside diameter)

Mainshafts under 17mm O.D will need sleeving up to 17mm O.D. 

The KAD pinion support housing, unlike other offerings on the market, is a one piece sand casting with integral ribbed supports offering excellent rigidity.

Our pinion support bearing housing will allow the standard speedo drive to be used if required

The original and best, designed and produced in-house at KAD since 1993.

Made In England