KAD Viscous Damper Front Pulley

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The KAD Viscous Damper Front Pulley is designed to be the ultimate crank damper for any A-Series engine.

A crank damper is fitted to absorb damaging 'spikes' of torque as harmonic frequency's are transmitted through the engine.

The KAD Damper uses a special silicone fluid inside a bespoke machined casing. The damper is heavy but very effective. It works over a wide rev range and effectively damps a wider range of frequencies.

Due to the way the silicone fluid operates, it is able to tune itself to any instance of torsional vibration which may develop. Thus the engine will run smoothly and power impulses work in phase with the crank rotation and not against it. Engine bearings will last longer, cam drives run quieter. The engine gains from increased performance and greater reliability.

All Dampers have a 4" 10mm v-belt as per STD pulleys and also come with a bespoke high-quality front pulley stretch bolt.

Available for the Standard crank diameter or 1" diameter.

Note – Please do not attempt to balance this product.