KAD Omex 200 Ignition Only Kits For 5 Port A-Series

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KAD 5 Port Omex 200 Series Ignition Only ECU Kit.

KAD offers a superb solution for the serious club competitor, enabling you to gain the competitive edge over the competition. The Omex 200 ECU provides high-performance capabilities, simple installation and personalised mapping capabilities.

ECU Inputs include; engine position and speed, throttle position, manifold pressure, coolant temperature, air temperature.

ECU Outputs include; ignition coil, shift lights, tachometer and data logging.

Omex MAP3000 and DATA2000 software are available on free download. This software allows the user to configure the ECU and view logged data. The interface is very user-friendly for setting up a customised engine map.

Kit contains

1 x Omex 200 ECU

1 x Wiring loom

1 x Ignition Coil & mounting bracket

1 x Magnecor plug lead set

1 x KAD viscous crank damper 36-1

1 x Crank sensor and mounting bracket

1 x Coolant temperature sensor

1 x Air temperature sensor

1 x KAD base map tailored to your engine specification

** NOTE The Kits is provided in two different variants KAD Belt Drive or Cam Chain.**