KAD Race Oil Pump - 1275

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The Ultimate A-Series oil pump by KAD.

The oil pump is the heart of all engines and the most vital component of your engine build. 

For years the OE, off the shelf, oil pumps have been operating as required but recently,  during dyno testing, we noticed oil pressure dropping slightly past 7500rpm. due to the  pump starting to cavitate.

We re-manufactured the oil pump, inspecting every component and completing a  tolerance check. The rotors have been modified to give better oil flow at higher rpm and finally super finished to reduce friction. A cross pin  has also been fitted to prevent internal rotor and shaft separating.

This is the only oil pump worth fitting in your performance A-Series engine.

Fits all 1275cc base A-Series engines with Metro type slot drive camshaft. 'S' engines will require 1/4UNF tapping into the block.

998cc adaptor coming very soon!